How do you delete friends off xbox live???

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#1 Posted by Reach01 (268 posts) -

I don't see the option ANYWHERE..

#2 Posted by RAW_5234 (49 posts) -

go to their gamertag and press remove friend at the bottom

#3 Posted by Reach01 (268 posts) -
I dont see it it just says INTERACT: Send Message, Compare Games, Private Chat, Video Chat
#4 Posted by jensen_slipknot (2559 posts) -
When you click on their name its the last option, remove friend.
#5 Posted by RAW_5234 (49 posts) -

ok press their gamertag when your in your friends list and there should be an option to remove friend all the way to the bottom

#6 Posted by Reach01 (268 posts) -


[edit] nevermind i see it now

#7 Posted by RAW_5234 (49 posts) -

no press the xbox guide button and go to your friends list from there

#8 Posted by jensen_slipknot (2559 posts) -

*facepalm* you do it in the guide.