How do you copy music,movies to the xbox360 hdd from the usb flash drive?

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#1 Posted by jxsilicon9 (169 posts) -
Can you?
#2 Posted by onuruca (2873 posts) -
you can't copy,sadly
#3 Posted by djrobst (2404 posts) -
yeah u cant copy anything,. u can rip music via cd but cant move or copy mp3s or video to the hd, as its probally a illegal operation you wanted to do. just play them off the flash drive is best suggestion or get a external usb hd which is xbox 360 compatible. you wont be able to save game stuff on it but can use it for storing mp3s and videos and playing them direct plus they only cheap these days
#4 Posted by iboo01 (2784 posts) -
it is not possible, a couple months ago I made a long and brutal effort but no results