How Do You Change Your Password ?

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#1 Posted by jejh1971 (119 posts) -

Does anyone know how to change your password to sign into ? I have tried and tried and simply cannot find the link to do it. Whenever you change any billing-related stuff it moves you over to an MS billing site, and i swear to god, the link to change password is just not anywhere !

Can anyone help with this, please ???

#2 Posted by scotty992 (2388 posts) -
Change your hotmails password thats what I did.
#3 Posted by Bane_v2 (6104 posts) -
The 360 and uses your Live ID as your login. Instructions for changing your Live ID password can be found here.
#4 Posted by jejh1971 (119 posts) -

Ahhh yes ! Thank you both very much - that worked perfectly !

Man, that's been bugging me for way too long. Much appreciated, guys !