How do you backup game saves?

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Hey, is there anyway I can backup my game saves for some games such as The Beatles: Rock Band? I recently bought the new 250GB Xbox 360 on UK launch but it got the E68 error and I lost all my saves. I obviously wish to prevent this from happening again. Has anyone got any info on how to backup my saves? Thanks, help is much appreciated.

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You can attach near enough any USB storage device and keep the saves there. To do that:

Go to System Settings on the 'My Xbox' tab of the dashboard; hit A; go to Memory; highlight your HDD; then I think you press Y and can copy.

Not certain on the exact process, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out when you do it.

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umm take your old hard drive and a flash drive(i never used a flash drive but i heard you need at least two gbs free because the xbox configures 1gb) go to your friends and copy the data and move it over(only take the data you can't download again)?

if you got no friends who have 360 then maybe you can call game stores there display 360 to do it. (depends who working that day and that bets ask a manager if one is not there then ask a employee, if a employee says yes make sure you get their name. ) gamestop allowed me test my av cables when they died on me... oo well made microsoft send me 3 cables lol

also you can use the data transfer sales them if you can for 12 bucks plsu tax... in stores in u.s it's like 20 bucks. put the usb into the new xbox and the end on the old hard drive and put the disc in and the xbox will has you which way you want data. from hard drive to xbox or xbox to hard drive

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Thanks for the info guys, but I think you're explaining how to 'move' files. From one place to another. Instead, I wanted to make copies, so I can keep the saves on my original 250GB HDD, and then, if the HDD fails, I can have copies on the USB. Sorry about the confusion, the help and advice is still much appreciated!

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Actually, I just understood what you guys said. Sorry once again!

You've solved my problem so thanks. :D

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Also, if you are in need of a guide check out this one:
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Just a heads up, some developers lock their game saves to where they can't be copied. A good example is Mass Effect 2.