How do u give your system breathing room?

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If u have an enclosed entertainment center like most, how do u know it won't get too hot?

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I learned long ago to avoid closed entertainment options for ventilation purposes (way back in the PS2/Xbox/GC/Dreamcast days).

I would advise you to shop for new open entertainment options. Good luck.

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I took the front doors off of my previously closed entertainment center.

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I usually suggest a week off from each other. If this doesn't work, allow it to see other people. If it loves you, it will come back.

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@MrFreehuggs said:

I usually suggest a week off from each other. If this doesn't work, allow it to see other people. If it loves you, it will come back.

I agree. You have to tell the system honestly, simply, kindly, but firmly your wishes. Don't make a big production about it. Don't make up elaborate stories. This will help you avoid a big tear jerking scene.

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I don't have my xbox one hidden in an entertaintment centre.

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I have my Xboxes and other systems on a open table when I use them so they don't overheat.

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I keep the XBone hidden inside a entertainment cabinet but I open the doors when it's in use. The Wii U is kept up top in the open.

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My home is quite small so there´s no room for me to place nicely my consoles where the air can flow freely, I had a custom piece of furniture made to place my consoles so the room for each is kind of reduced; to avoid my console from overheating ( Xbox Slim ) first I purchased a dual fan laptop cooling base ( like if it was tailor made one of the fans is located exactly under the processor ), then I placed 4 rubber pieces about 1/2 inch thick ( 1 on each corner ) and then placed my console on top of them so there´s a 1/2 inch space between the base and the console for air to flow freely ( the cooling base is conected to the USB ports of the console to feed the cooling base ) I also purchased a Nyko Intercooler unit which I instaled on the vent on the top of the console ( the unit sucks the air from the interior of the console and expels it to the front ) and then I placed the console in it´s niche. There´s 5 inches of free room between the console and the niche walls so the air can flow from the oustide go into the vents and be sucked out by the intercooler, meanwhile the laptop cooler blows up air under the console which adds more cooling. The intercooler shuts off automatically, I shut off the cooling base when the console is cold. None of the cooling units is noisy ( after my noisy PS2 fat or my Elite console anything is quiet in comparison ).

Hope it helps.

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both area that have consoles are wood furniture. second i re purpose 2 vhs case and put them on 2 sides of the console and kept s it very cool