How can i sell my xbox 360?

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Hello there everyone,so i have an xbox 360 and i'm kinda bored of it. I think i have it for at least a year or two,but it is not damaged at all or anything like that,and it is running all smoothy. How can i sell my xbox along with the hard drive (120 GB) and the controller and for how much? What do you guys think? Give me a hint here.

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don't do it man.

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I sold my black hdmi 4gb 360 1 controller and 2 games for $140 on kijji classifieds to put the money towards x1 and ps4. List it on there or craig's list.

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Once I finish GTA5 Im going to sell my xbox back to Amazon. I believe they are offering up to $145 depending on which model you have.

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Local stores and websites, but I suggest you don't do it; Microsoft aren't implementing a service which allows you to play 7th gen consoles.

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Unless you're planning on getting the Xbone or PS4 at launch, I would definitely keep the 360.

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Selling an xbox aye? I smell a Playstation fanboy coming alive...

anyways, if you want to sell it, trade it in at EB Games or whatever store you buy games at, or you can use Ebay or Gumtree. GL!

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dont do it i keep my 360 with 170 games i have

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You can always try eBay. Yes, they do take out a percentage, but sometimes, it's more than worth it.

It just depends on what you are looking to get.

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Take every last piece of Xbox 360 stuff you have, cables, remotes, even any HDMI cables you have laying around and all 360 games to Gamestop and use it for trade in value on a new console pre-order. I took all my stuff in and got almost $250 off the price of my PS4 pre-order.

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I'm getting a Xbox One at launch but I'm still going to have my 360 hooked to my tv.