Hopes & Dreams for Halo 5: Guardians?

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Whether your an avid Halo player or not, what do you want to see in Halo 5: Guardians? This question implies to all aspects of the game such as: Single Player, Co-op, and Mutiplayer.

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That it is semi-open world and not like Halo 4.

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I just want that rumour to be true - about it being fully open world. That'd make my day and instantly warrant a purchase.

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Campaign :

- Bigger areas and a More open missions with more paths to finish a Mission .I liked Halo 4 Missions , but they have this new powerful hardware , right ?

- Less covenant : I've been fighting these creatures since 2001 . enough already !

- many many New types of Prometheans : like warlords , snipers , special forces ...

- Promethean vehicles : Aircrafts , bikes , ....

- New Promethean weapons

- Boss fights : hell , why not ? Halo 4 could have a really great boss fight at the end ... why didn't you take the chance 343 ?

- I want bubble shield and power drain back

- Make it harder


- Bring a big battle Multiplayer with 64 players . don't get me wrong ,it dosen't mean they should remove the classic 8-16 player MP , just a add a really big battle mode with maps as big as Battlefield games with lots and lots of vehicles and weapons

- get rid of sprint in small maps


- BRING BACK HALO 3's RANKING SYSTEM : halo 4's ranking system was bad . even if you just sit there and don't kill anyone and don't work with the team , you'll get a lot of XP . Halo 4's ranking system totally killed teamwork . because you don't need other players to work with you and you can level up all by yourself . but in Halo 3 you had to talk in games and find the best players and work with them .

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Wish halo would go back to it's roots. THAT EASY

  • Halo 3 style MP
  • armour abilities GONE~ go back to the pickups like bubblesheild/regen ect
  • duel wielding
  • SMG come back but use the one from ODST
  • No random weapon drops
  • WAY in depth forge mode or REAL map editor
  • Bye covenant
  • NO FUCKING buttons on the SP

Please 343 DO NOT go down the path of reach/4

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Gimme some challenge.

H4 was piss easy.

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I hope that this years E3 shows that Halo 5 will return the series to it's epic greatness that Halo 4 didn't quite deliver. This is the flagship series for Xbox. It really hope that Halo 5 will have some return to the elements that made Master Chiefs adventures a must play. The MP hopefully will be the best. Halo series was my all time favorite on-line multiplayer game.

So I can hope that this years E3 will reveal something great for Halo 5.

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Dual-Campaign (the new Character and Master Chief)

More Harder


Bring Back Halo 2 Clans

More Maps

3-Team Multiplayer (Red vs Blue vs Yellow) (But keep 2-Team Multiplayer as well)

Slower Gameplay style

More Strategy Required


Just get Rid of Co-Op

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As long as it isnt like Halo 3, I'll be fine. I loved Halo 1 and 2. Hell, I even liked 4, Reach, and ODST. I absolutely hated Halo 3.

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Anything 4 or 3, with better online and improved forge, epic story and for the love of FUCK give us brutes, flood and arbiter! oh and duel wielding..

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I have many hopes for Halo 5 but one thing that I hope really happens is that 343 brings back Forge World from Reach. BTB and the many other smaller maps put together on it was amazing. I just hope 343 doesn't go down the path that they did with Halo 4. It was alright but it got boring in about a month.

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I think Dr. Halsey should be the villain. She just has a dark and mysterious aura to me, like she is hiding a vile secret. She's been the mastermind behind the spartan program and cortana (basically chief as well), so who knows what she is capable of. She is still alive right, by the end of halo 4. I never got through the campaign yet.

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343...I'm just not convinced they are what I expected after Halo 4, but I will give them another chance.

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@factorboy16 said:

Just get Rid of Co-Op


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I am not getting my hopes up for it.

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I'd kind of like to see some characters from the previous games make cameos or have roles in Halo 5. Maybe show Buck and the other ODSTs in present time, and the Arbiter, and Jun since he was the only freakin' survivor of Noble Team (and probably my fav character of that bunch.) Maybe introduce some more new characters who can be part of the series moving forward. Some other Spartans and regular humans... Heck, maybe even some sneaky back-stabbing Jackyl that can speak English, who keeps trying to double-cross the UNSC but they keep him around because he provides them with valuable information... Or something.

I wouldn't mind some more interactivity in the game world, and NPCs with more interesting stuff to tell you.

Maybe a feature that lets you team up with some awesome comrades like the people I mentioned above, if you rescue them on a battlefield before they are killed, or something.