help!!!!! unable to read disk

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#1 Posted by MikeD213 (14 posts) -
my 360 keeps saying its unable to read any games i put in it. does anyone know what i should do. it works sometimes but the same problem keeps happening.
#2 Posted by realburrito (40 posts) -
Ech...Thats not good. Check on the for help
#3 Posted by Sleepy_Warrior (683 posts) -
That happend to me and it got so bad I had to send my xbox back :((
#4 Posted by kokoane123 (341 posts) -
sry to hear that man. i jus got my 360 back on friday from the same problem. Just send ur 360 back and theyll send u a new or repair that one. I personally am extremely happy with their service in canada. i sent it last sunday so it came back less than a week!!and my old one was made in 05. october 21. The new one they sent ws made in 06 november 27th. Im rlly happy because this one is wayyyy quieter. hey jus call 1-800-4myxbox. Ull get ur 360 back before u no it!!gl
#5 Posted by booomer69 (4107 posts) -
:?Sorry to say but your one of the Few that have this problem.Well i sujest calling Microsoft and resolveing your Problem.Most likely they will send you a New 360.
#6 Posted by insane_metalist (5975 posts) -
call microsoft
#7 Posted by DrD3V1L (2064 posts) -
I have the same problem, it works sometimes... then others i get the read error 20 times in a row, weird though it never has this error when playing xbox1 games or dvds just 360 :|