HDMI help (no sound)

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#1 Posted by patsfan4liferjn (1253 posts) -
i got HDTV for xmas and i got a HDMI cable. the HDMI cable isnt the xbox one its just a regular one. i plugged it in to my 360 and the tv and i can see the picture but there is no sound. whats wrong?
#2 Posted by littlemarc (2261 posts) -

turn mute off

#3 Posted by patsfan4liferjn (1253 posts) -
its not on mute
#4 Posted by munisarlh (82 posts) -

1. You have a bad HDMI cable or a noncompatible one. Maybe you need 1.3a? (Not quite sure)

2. There is something wrong with the HDMI output on your XBOX.

3. There is something wrong with the HDMI input on your TV.

4. Your sound settings are screwed up somehow on your TV. Unplug everything (that means yank the cord out of the wall) and reconnect in 5 minutes.

Any One or a combination of these is your problem. Merry Christmas!

#5 Posted by warriorsq (531 posts) -
Have you tried changing the sound settings on the 360 options?
#6 Posted by yungog (731 posts) -
if you got the NXE well then thats your problem because after the update most people using hdmi cables have reported that theres no sound but still a picture.....it has happened to me....:(
#7 Posted by patsfan4liferjn (1253 posts) -
ive tried all of those and nothing worked. are some HDMI cables not fully compatible with a 360?
#8 Posted by ebbythatcher (1 posts) -
none of the "quick fixes" have worked for me....so are we just expected to play without sound?
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that happened to me so i plugged in the yellow and red thingos into the same AV channel or whatever and then i got sound.... but just standard sound

#10 Posted by oneila (1 posts) -
the same happened to me, you can fix it by unpluging your harddrive before turning on your xbox. when it boots up and gose to the mane screan plug in your harddrive. you will then hvae sound. only thing that sucks is you need to redo this every time you shut the system off. like every 1 else im very up set about this and its been enough time for them to have fixed this problem.... im sick of paying for this and wasting my time doing this.
#11 Posted by San-Frodenzo (14337 posts) -

or maybe your tv set doesn't support audio on it's HDMI ports...

I used to have a sharp LCD tv with a HDMI port with a rca audio input (red/white cables)... that's why the overpriced $50 official HDMI M$ kit includes a connector similar to the standar 360 cable with only the red/white outputs..


look if your tv set have the HDMI along with the red/white RCA cables right beside it.

#12 Posted by Sutton (1758 posts) -
I'm getting a new 360 soon. I just ordered a Samsung LCD, and my old 360 doesn't have the HDMI output. Does anyone know if the new 360's have the NXE update already installed, or would I still have to download the update from XLive? This is the first I've heard of the sound problems, which sucks, since I have yet to play the 360 in 1080p.