Halo Show won't be filler

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according to Phil Spencer


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I'm really excited about this show, and I'm surprised more people aren't. Forward Unto Dawn and the live-action Halo commercials (in addition to the ill-fated movie clips) were always so badass I ended up watching them several times, and always hoped they would be expanded upon. Spielberg's involvement really sweetens the deal. So yeah, I'm psyched. I wish they would announce a date.

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I don't trust any company PR, and M$ employee Phil Spencer is doing PR work here for his company. He's certainly not a TV Director or TV writer I would trust. Of course he's required to say it's good, they sign his checks.

If this Halo TV project coincidentally turns out good, that would be on the Showrunners, Directors, Writers, Actors, etc. Phil Spencer is just doing his job promoting his brand for his company.

The Halo Universe has always had a lot of scientific holes and issues with it that kept me away from the maddening lore, but that's okay for games. It didn't bother me because I ws enjoying the game, but in conversations when people treat it like the coming of the Christ, I never could wrap my head around it. I bought Halo back in 2001 Xbox Launch. Fun game, but I'm not going down this tired road again to explain the issues as I'm sure they are well known.

The expansion into TV, I'll give it a shot, but I'm not dying for it...and I actually LOVE Sci-Fi. I love GREAT TV. However, some Sci Fi I just can't stand because the concept is usually great, but the acting and writing is awful. Bad writing and predictable, tired stories will push me away from any movie or TV show. If it's anything like the Live action Halo movie, I won't like it. I didn't enjoy Forward Unto Dawn. Terrible choice in direction, cast, story, execution, forced romantic tension...I couldn't stand it.

I love Marvel for instance, and I love TV, but ABC and Marvel's Agents of Shield really bothers me as a TV show. I wanted to love it, so it's especially sad. The Marvel movies and comics are great however. I'll give Halo TV a fair shake, but I'm not going to HYPE it.

Finally, Spielburg's been involved in some shows I absolutely hate, so his involvement means little to me. When he directs a movie, I take notice, but his 'production credit' tagged on a TV show or movie?...No, faith in that at all. I lost that faith years ago. If it's anything like the Live action Halo movie, I won't like it. I didn't enjoy Forward Unto Dawn. Terrible choice in direction, cast, story, forced romantic tension...I couldn't stand it.

In fact, I have little respect for the "Production Credit" various companies use to promote movies and TV at all, for anyone. Such and Such is behind this TV show! Sadly, this marketing approach seems to work very effectively though, I hear people and friends say, "It's from the people behind this and that!" and they go see terrible movies they regret. People fall for marketing all the time. When possible, I follow talent to prevent such aggravations. Fans of a brand though, you have no choice but to just sit and wait and hope M$ didn't go cheap into the production and writers for the show.