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New: I'v seen an interview where they keeps saying 6 redone maps. does that mean out of the 100+ maps only 6 a re textured? All other maps are going to look like they did back then?

I know the have the original multiplayer for halo 2-4, but will they have the original halo multiplayer? Was there an mention of this ?

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I hope so... That's the only MP I'm interested in from the MCC.

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Yes Halo CE multiplayer is included in the Master Chief Collection. Along with every DLC MP map every released for Halo's 1,2,3,4

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cool cool, also i was kinda confused about the instant switch from old and original textures. Can you do that in a multiplayer match.

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I can't wait for endless Capture the Flag battles on Bloodgulch.

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bump topic with mew question