Halo Master Chief Collection Xbox One Edition

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The only way I am buying an Xbox One this fall is if there will be a Halo Edition Xbox One, Who thinks they will have one?

Why I dont have an XONE yet?

Simply love my 360 so much and have no need as One barely has enough games to keep me occupied).

Also a huge Halo fan and have only had the halo 3 edition xbox 360 and currently the halo 4 edition xbox 360.

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They are most likely making a HALO 5 XBONE next year instead. If you wait, you can get that one and then pick up the Master Chief Collection cheap.

Plus, maybe you'll get Halo 5 free in the bundle or the Xbone may get a price drop by E3 2015. Point is, it's coming. I have Halo collector's Xbox 1, Halo 3 Xbox 360, and I noticed this trend long ago.

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It is almost a given that a Halo 5 themed Xbox one console will be made. Every Halo game to date has had a Halo themed console to go with the game. Except for Halo Wars. It is unlikely that a Halo themed console will be created for the Master Chief collection. But for Halo 5 it is a given.

I would buy a Halo 5 Themed special edition console in a heartbeat. With 2 controllers and the Halo 5 pack in game. A larger HDD would be sweet.

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yes certainly nothing but love for halo i just want microsoft to cash in on a master chief edition xbox one... they made a halo 3, reach & 4 X360 so I just hope to see the same with xone

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@SolidTy: This is the most likely scenario. But dang such a long wait. :/

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Damn, you're really into this Master chief collection man, a few threads here and there. Anyways, I'd be surprised if they don't do one.

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he's obsessed with Halo.

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I am sure they will make a Halo 5 Xbox One but I doubt they will for the Master Chief Collection.

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@SolidTy: This is the most likely scenario. But dang such a long wait. :/

;) Yeah. Technically, it's an HD collection which usually don't get special consoles (actual sweet custom models) in years past, so it's probably not worth a full new Xbone, but yeah it would be nice for fans. Yes, I did see HD collections sold with consoles, but the consoles weren't sweet and cherry. Unlike the original Xbox Halo models, Halo 3 360, and Halo Reach 360.