halo 4 gold trial cards

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#1 Posted by malistix1985 (4 posts) -

Hey guys, most of us have Xbox live and we get a free trial card for 14 days, maybe we can make some people happy with them? Well share them if u have and if anyone uses them mention it so other people dont try it.

Here is my card: 6tkfr-4rpjf-9wj7x-ddd98-x4cyd

have fun

#2 Posted by k2theswiss (16599 posts) -

i have a feeling that your code is fake and just a way get a real one...

w/e heres mine


#3 Posted by realguitarhero5 (3903 posts) -

Yeah, it's a fake.

#4 Posted by Sonny360Elite (1577 posts) -
14-days free? Please do not post them here! Give them to someone you know needs them. There are so many lazy people looking to steal up all the freebies and live off other people. Give it to someone you know is going to need it. Whatever though. It's about time they include some free trials in with a game.