Got The Update, Can't Connect To Xbox Live

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#1 Posted by Weeoo_86 (976 posts) -

Hey everyone. Yesterday Microsoft released a title update for the Xbox. Well I got it but I can't connect to Xbox Live.

Is anyone else having this issue? Just curious :).

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Sorry to hear that.I'm not having issues.Good luck.

#3 Posted by Weeoo_86 (976 posts) -

@brimmul777: Well I'm glad to hear that for ya dude. I'm hoping this issue will work itself out. It's happened before, unfortunately.

#4 Posted by WG_McFartypants (233 posts) -

Worked fine for me this morning. Have you tried rerunning through your network setup and tests?

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YES I HAD THIS PROBLEM . i updated xbox with a flash drive ( downloaded the update from ) . then when i tried to connect to live i got ICMP and MTU errors . so i tried test connection a few times .

here is what i did : go to configure network and press " restore to factory settings " .

after that i didn't connect right on that time , i still had the MTU error . but after an hour i turned on my xbox and this time it was connected to live .

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Bought an Xbox One yesterday and couldn't download the update no matter what I did. Finally Xbox Support's twitter told me to try an offline update patch, and that managed to go through. Was very frustrating but I've been playing fine now. *Fingers Crossed*