Ghosts XboxOne update

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I hadnt been on my xbox for awhile until last night. I turned it on and said ghosts was installing. After it finished the game won't load all the way, it stop with screen shot of ghost mask. what happened? other games play fine

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What happens after it stops at that screen shot, does it boot you back to the homepage? Sounds like a glitch to me, do this for me unplug the cables at the back of the Xbox One, wait 2 minutes and than plug them back in. This will also clear your cache and help with this bug you're experiencing.

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Unfortunately this sounds like a bug I had as well (where the ghosts mask shows on screen then starts flashing and nothing happens). I had to reinstall the game and then it worked. I would suggest trying what @BattleSpectre has said then you may have to reinstall the game if that does not work.

Hope this helps.

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i had this issue before...prolly because of corrupted file in the cache during the install process and u just have to clear the cache by completely powering off the console (just hold the power button on the console until it turns off, u don't have to unplug the cable at the back) then power it back on again