Getting back into the swing of things!

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I've been extremely busy for about the past 2 years, so now that my life is getting back together and things are falling back into place let me rant about it... lol.

I've recently returned from my third straight deployment, am now married to my best friend and amazing wife Meagan Alleman, and am eagerly anticipating the release of all the great games this fall! In less than two months I'll be starting a school to become a Combat Instructor in the Marine Corps and then I'll receive my duty station for the next 3 years come this December. Let's all cross our fingers I get to stay in sunny souther California!

That's about it! I've been grinding Battlefield 4 until the release of Minecraft and Destiny hit the Xbox One so If you're interested in joining our little community of gamers (Death Under Infantry) send me a message and let me know!


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Congrats on your marriage and thank you for your service!!

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congrats dude

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Question:Is Meagan pretty.

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Grats, and thank you. Hopefully you'll get some time to relax and enjoy some video games again. I hope you're enjoying the XBO!

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ever since I bought my Xbox One at launch I have never looked back I'm enjoying it very much.

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You shouldn't have posted the name of your wife here...

Anyways, congrats! Loving the xbox one man. Titanfall is THE game to own right now haha

Have fun!

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@dhmatt90: word lol I would edit that out man good luck on your new position. Headed out soon for my own hopefully last deployment soon so pissed I gotta miss this q4 release schedule