Geek Squad Protection for XBOX One

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#1 Posted by rneela (1 posts) -

Did any one get the 2Yr Geek Squad protection for XBOX one? wondering if it is really worth paying for that

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No I just got a one year warranty that comes with the console.

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Yeah me too one year should be enough. If not than I'll have an excuse to get a later model Xbox One.... maybe even a slim one ;)

#4 Posted by k2theswiss (16599 posts) -

x1 comes with 1 year. you can buy second year from microsoft

ms > $69

best buy > $90

target is $50

My credit card provides free second year warranty on electronics when i make purchase using their card...

paying the extra money may be worth it if you doing that epic bundle. which you basically gotta buy like 10+ games to even begin saving money

#5 Posted by kuu2 (7370 posts) -

One year on The One should be fine. I had the Kinect go out and just took it to the MSoft store and exchanged it. Most electronics if they are going to go out it will usually be in the first year. If I was going to buy one though I would buy direct from MSoft for sure.