Gears of Wars Multiplayer.

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#1 Posted by zarathustrax7 (65 posts) -

So, I just bought the first Gears of Wars and the sequel on amazon. I finish the game several years ago, but the game wasn´t mine. So, I was wondering, is the multiplayer still working? 

#2 Posted by DJSAV_101 (3690 posts) -

I tried playing Gears of War 1 MP two months ago but its pretty much dead. You are lucky if you can find a 3v3 match and even luckier if the host wont quit after two rounds.

#3 Posted by zarathustrax7 (65 posts) -

Damn luck :( What about Gears of Wars 2?

#4 Posted by RiKanKiDD (1058 posts) -

Gears of War 3 is getting pretty active now. Gears Judgment is coming right around the corners, so all the Gears players are warming up.

#5 Posted by MarcRecon (6078 posts) -

Damn luck :( What about Gears of Wars 2?


Even though the GEARS1 community isn't as active there are still a decent amount of people who play. The weekend will be a better time to play the MP.....same with GOW2.

#6 Posted by Baroni88 (340 posts) -
To OP, I would go with Gears of War 3. Great game, lots of people playing!
#7 Posted by Blueresident87 (5340 posts) -

I haven't played 2 in years, so I don't know. 3 still has an active community.

#8 Posted by Venom951 (374 posts) -
Thousands of people still play 3 was just on there last night and am gonna jump I right now .
#9 Posted by zarathustrax7 (65 posts) -

Thank you all, I will expect not many people to play this then. I´m planning on buying Gears of Wars 3 also, but, maybe in a month or something. 

#11 Posted by insane_metalist (6440 posts) -

If only Gears 1 still had active multiplayer. I'd be on it everyday..