Gears of War is free!

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Gears of War is the first free game of this month, download it today!

Personally I already have it but I see it as a good excuse to play again since the population will see a boost. It's just fun to see these game thrive because of the games with Gold program.

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How big of download is it? I am near my cap with all the ps4 downloads and updates. I am gonna wait a few days so I can download when cap resets

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nearly six and a half gig. There's also a couple free map packs that weigh in around a couple hundred mega bytes each

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@AutoPilotOn: PS4?! I think you meant to say Xbox360.

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@ghstbstr: no I meant I downloaded bf4 ghost and ac4 on ps4 and it took me near cap

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a 99 cent game is free for a month!? What a bargain