Gamertag ideas?

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#1 Posted by BarT-MaGiC (20 posts) -

Heres whatI've come up with so far.

x eL oH eL x

iNsTaBle x

any ideas?

Please no spamming!

#2 Posted by Phitin_Phils (614 posts) -

use that and come up with something more original..

#3 Posted by shockwave04 (19234 posts) -
What the hell do those mean ??? ....
#4 Posted by nivet14 (5329 posts) -

Can you give us some info on what you like ?

#5 Posted by BarT-MaGiC (20 posts) -

anything lik war type, Words with action lol

Btw eL oH eL meeans LOL(lol)'

and instable is jus sumthing i thought sounded kool=/

#6 Posted by Bungholio55 (618 posts) -
#8 Posted by BarT-MaGiC (20 posts) -


(to bunghloio)

#9 Posted by Bungholio55 (618 posts) -

Why not? Its pretty cool.

#10 Posted by GuitarsOfWarr (880 posts) -

How about:


#11 Posted by TED_LED (86 posts) -



#12 Posted by BeyondtheSea (29 posts) -
great phase site... take a name from a god of war then and just screw around with it.
ex. AriesRedeemer 
#13 Posted by MuffinPunk (4845 posts) -
#14 Posted by T_Goose_09 (152 posts) -
duh...figure your own stuff out
#15 Posted by Da_Icon (201 posts) -
Da Unstopable add me if you decided if it is good, Da Icon MXMafia
#16 Posted by _Cab0ose87_ (1002 posts) -


#17 Posted by trj156 (1704 posts) -


(from the word generator)

#18 Posted by DuviousKilla (211 posts) -
eym nt str8
#19 Posted by 0dazubeN (1569 posts) -





Those are all great ideas.

#20 Posted by ADJJV-X360-Plyr (106 posts) -

Mayby for a gamertag you could put the first letters of your family, like mine would be ADJJV

#21 Posted by ADJJV-X360-Plyr (106 posts) -

Or mayby you could stick with what u said first lol

Sig: 360 OWNZ,

'Will we have air support'?, 'Son you are the support'- Gears of War

#22 Posted by vitriolboy (4356 posts) -

Heres whatI've come up with so far.

x eL oH eL x

iNsTaBle x

any ideas?

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Whatever you do don't use alternating capitals, it looks crap and is pointless. Gamertags aren't case sensitive so if instable was not available, iNsTaBlE wouldn't be either

#23 Posted by Hell_Dude (1215 posts) -
If you had a gamertag like one of those , I wouldn't put you on my friends list.
#24 Posted by Ballroompirate (21787 posts) -

perfect GT "SmackMeHombre"

sorry its late and im bored ;)

#25 Posted by Scarface_tm431 (10063 posts) -

I'm with vitrio don't do the alternating capitals, it's pointless and makes you look like your 12 (that's when I thought it was cool, dunno about everyone else lol) Use something from a movie you like, and some music you like.

lol Mine's because I used to listen to a hip hop artist named Quasimoto, my friends found the CD "The Adventures of Lord Quas" and they told me to use it if I ever needed a random name for something, so I did :P

#26 Posted by blaqktheory (22 posts) -

GrilledCheeseSandwich. =]

blaqktheory is my gamertag, hit me up some time.

#27 Posted by marcuskickass (839 posts) -
how about...juiced worm or pecker rash
#28 Posted by evilfrenchguy20 (133 posts) -

how about....

wooden switchblade

BTW that was from tha random phrase generator.

#29 Posted by KittensWithBeer (782 posts) -
ChEEze SpRaY
#30 Posted by DonMega187 (1103 posts) -
#31 Posted by wanker12 (2048 posts) -
womb raider
#32 Posted by Gemini_66 (22 posts) -
#33 Posted by PotatoSan (3491 posts) -


howbout mastercheefs134?

#34 Posted by Monkey-Man1234 (469 posts) -

womb raiderwanker12


#35 Posted by david60639 (6945 posts) -
If you have any other online names (forums, etc.) use one of those. Mine was SlaughterVein, but it was taken : (
#36 Posted by CrzyAzzCraka (560 posts) -

Sir Loin of Steak...I found that on Soul Seek

Or Sausage Wrangler, or AzzGoblin, someone told me those

#37 Posted by D-Norris (255 posts) -
Gothic Donut
#38 Posted by sinx1971 (4731 posts) -

Heres whatI've come up with so far.

x eL oH eL x

iNsTaBle x

any ideas?

Please no spamming!

Mad Beatz McGee

#39 Posted by bazanger (2838 posts) -
bazanger oh ****..
#40 Posted by Chaism (600 posts) -
Cuddlybunny =p
#41 Posted by XDrThraxX (239 posts) -


or bluetruck

really just think about that, hey bluetruck stop team killing!

haha ahh that cracks me up....

#42 Posted by Shaz123 (572 posts) -
i say RageingHobo
#43 Posted by suzukigsxr (697 posts) -
Filliam H. Muffman
#44 Posted by Sk8teOrDi3 (88 posts) -
#45 Posted by quesadia (45 posts) -

lose the x's

try smiggledorf

#46 Posted by RHCP87 (1952 posts) -
Here are a few that I just thought of. They're all very good, in my opinion. FN SATAN charlesFNmanson motherchildeater adiced2drugz ME AM SMART bookz r kool no face mcgee what is this where are you talk to me my mom gary my mom john drunkn BASTARD 2drunk2kill i are stupid xx i like xs xx
#47 Posted by suzukigsxr (697 posts) -
Hal A. Lewia
#48 Posted by Birds_Nest (17 posts) -

Dude the answer to this is simple just take a favorite colour or saying and your favorite thing:

Red Koopa

Merv Marcus

Purple heart

Flyin Fenix or wat the hell ever u want to call yourself

oh and P.S. T4lk1nG L1ke th1s 1S W3AK 4nd Scr34ms V1RG1N

#49 Posted by SonicDivision (185 posts) -

The do's and don'ts of gamertag making:


AlTeRnAtInG CaPs: Makes you look like a DoUcHeBaG!1!1

Use words like "lol", "rofl", "noob", or especially "pwn"

Use your real name or any part of it...especially if you plan on going online


Be more creative, for goodness sake.

#50 Posted by bazanger (2838 posts) -
Hal A. Lewiasuzukigsxr
Hugh Jazz