Game saves....settings...etc.

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My question is this.

I know we have to install the entire games and they are stored like apps on the machine. Almost. I know all of our settings, game saves, etc. are stored seperately in the cloud but are they also stored on the machine as well?

In other words, If I delete the entire Ryse program from my machine are the game saves...settings etc. still saved on the machine or only in the cloud? Because the best I can tell since you can't look at overall storage anywhere....there is no record of having any Ryse game saves still on the machine once you delete the Ryse app. yet I did this and reinstalled the game just to see what happened all of my progress reappeared!!!

But what I am really asking is if the actual game data save ....setting etc. are also stored somewhere on the machine that I can't see in a storage list.........If not this means if your online was down that you could not get to the progress of your game.