Funniest Gamertag You've Seen?

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I seen a few funny ones...last one is a little disturbing. "boxtit" "freeponyride" "pulloutdad"
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Funniest I've ever heard of was Alcoholic Semen Thrower, use by The Online Gamer on youtube.
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#106 Posted by Jessey-Stone (375 posts) -

i was playing zombies in world at war the othe rnight and found Obamaatemychicken i started to laugh i couldnt even play seriously anymore

#107 Posted by Manimal2000 (174 posts) -

One really funny one was "Don't Cuss I'm12".

#108 Posted by needled24-7 (15900 posts) -

probably DankPoopz

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betty swallocks

#110 Posted by _TheJoker_ (6013 posts) -

I saw a guy named "Squirting Moms" from the UK.

I still love the name, hope he wasn't banned or anything :D

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Lt MorningWood

#112 Posted by ThePhantomGamer (1813 posts) -

I saw 'VulvaViolator'

#113 Posted by Bardock47 (5353 posts) -

A packaged leaf - hes on my firends list, funny part is the name was one of the reccomended ones the name thing gave him

asasinsensation- also a firend

about 13 pandas- another frined

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Ate YOMOMMA OUT I had that GT for a while until I was reported and MS made me change it, so of course I used Eat YOMOMMA OUT Lol.
#115 Posted by -Water-Wings- (1083 posts) -

about a year ago i saw a gamertag called " A Bloody tampon" i thought it was hilarious. you were killed by "A Bloody tampon" lmfaoxxmarksm3nxx

I remember seeing that on on Halo 3 a few years ago. Haha.

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Barry Hallsacks on mw3 lol

#117 Posted by 3dfd (767 posts) -

Pig Bairy Henis

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#119 Posted by SnazzyPaperbear (35 posts) -
I remember my cousin and i were playing Black Ops and saw this guy named "BeerAndCookies" and we just fell to pieces.
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I haven't really seen any hilarious gamertags, just an array of good ones and an array of immature, childish ones.

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bob loblaw