Fun games for local player game night?

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So, I'm hosting game night this week and I wanted know what are some good Xbox 360 games that you can play with 2-4 friends? I'm talking stuff like BattleBlock, Mount Your Friends, and other party games. Any ideas?

#2 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (10284 posts) -

Rayman Legends will be the life of the Party.

Joyride Turbo !

And Splosion Man and Ms. Splosion Man are highly reccomended.

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Castle Crashers!

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doritos crash course, funny game

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diablo III is pretty cool too.

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Spelunky, but it's a very hard game, especially when you play with friends because you will mess each other up. It's still lots of fun though if you dont take it too seriously.

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Yeah... Get Doritos Crash Course its Fun and its Free !great party game and challenging if you want it to be. :)