forza 5 motorsport+thrustmaster owners

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hey guys

so I'm interested in buying xbox one just for forza 5 even though im a grand turismo guy but im disappointed because I dont know what sony was thinking when they released gran turismo 6 for PS3 when the PS4 was just released !

anyways..I have a question about using the steering wheel in the game

if you choose manual transmission is the driving similar to real life with the stick shift and the clutch ? cause Its sounds so much fun plus I would really love to learn how to use stick shift and whats better to learn using a simulator before doing it in real life ! lol

I've been looking around youtube but I haven't found any guy that is using thrustmaster in manual transmission

if you own an xbox and forza 5 with thrustmaster and tried driving with the stick shift tell me about the it worth paying that amount of money ? is the driving really similar to real life ? any flaws or problems ?


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I recommend you post this in the official Forza forums, I doubt you'll get many answers here.