Fix for 360 reset issue when using both HDMI/AV?

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I'm talking about for those who use both an HDMI cable and an AV cable so you can use your TurtleBeach or Tritton headset. I currently have an HDMI cable going from my Xbox to my receiver and which then redirects it back up to my HDTV. This allows me to use surround sound from my receiver while also getting 1080p picture on my TV. The issue here is that using a Turtle Beach headset while also using an HDMI cord requires that you get one of those AV RCA adapter cables(such as this) so you can hear the game sound while playing. When doing this though, if you turn off your tv or change the tv output, it causes your 360 to reset. I KNOW I'm not the only one who experiences this since I've researched it extensively. I've yet to find a work around that lets me continue to use everything (surround sound, picture, sound from turtlebeach) all at once without the reset issue. Does anyone know of solution?