Far Cry 2... Please Tell Me It Gets Better?

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#1 Posted by JoeDawg2100 (64 posts) -

I've been playing Far Cry 2 for a few days now, just because I didn't want to buy and play part 3 without experiencing part 2 first. It started out exciting, but now I'm only 26 percent complete with the game (according to the statistics in the game). And it's just completely boring now. I can't even travel a half kilometer down the road without hitting a road block or ambush, which completely slows down game progress and has become quite tedious. So, my question is; does it get better? What about the storyline, does it get better as well? Thanks :)

#2 Posted by Gargus (2147 posts) -

Those 2 games have nothing in common at all aside from having far cry in their titles. There is no point at all to playing 2. And no it doesnt get better unless you like driving around in circles doing tedious side missions.

#3 Posted by Soulreavercross (19890 posts) -
Road blocks always respawn. That was on of the most annoying things about FC2, however you don't need to play FC2, to enjoy FC3. The game is very open world and chances are if you're not enjoying it now, you wouldn't enjoy it later on. Try doing some thing to break up the monotony, like unlocking safe houses or side missions.
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No, it's not getting any better. Also, there's no reason to play it before 3. The Far Cry series isn't made up of real sequels. Just a thematic similarity. They have nothing at all to do with each other.

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If you don't like fc2 now, you will never like it
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It gets better in Far Cry 3, yes.


But in all seriousness, I liked the second map in Far Cry 2 slightly better, and it had some fun missions, but overall, the game is just very tedious.

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Far Cry 2 is awesome. I've never understood the hate it gets.

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Play far cry 3 its so much better.

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It doesn't. Stop punishing yourself and play Far Cry 3. Far Cry 2 is....butt.
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I found Far Cry 2 to be a very good game, assuming you were a sniper. If not, the game is an annoying bore

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Also, I love how everyone in the game speaks without punctuation. It's pretty funny listening to everyone ramble through their lines

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Also, I love how everyone in the game speaks without punctuation. It's pretty funny listening to everyone ramble through their lines


I remember reading a long time ago that it was an attempt to keep game size down so the audio quality is and crap and yeah the speach rushed. A really dumb idea too. It worked though i guess because the game is a little over 3GB in size whch is impressive considering its size. Overall ithink there is fun to be had with FC2 but there is so much bad stuff that over powers the good that is there.

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Skip 2. The two games are not even remotely related. Two is just a less appealing version of three. The gameplay is not as fluent, the colors are all brown which offers no life, the constant ambushes suck, guns get jammed. All around it is a really good game for when it came out but now it just can not be played. I made the same mistake trying to beat 2 first, but I made it like 12 percent. 3 is my favorite game from this gen. Save the time, play Far Cry 3.
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It doesn't really get better, farcry 3 is does though.
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That is another thing I hate about this game too. The dialogue! The speech is so rushed that over half the missions I accept, I don't even know what I just accepted because I couldn't understand a bloody thing the character just said! I have to read the objectives page to see what I just agreed to. But thanks for all of you guys feedback on this, I will definitely be trading or selling this game tomorrow! But all in all, it's not a bad game, it's just very tedious.
#16 Posted by realguitarhero5 (3903 posts) -

No.  It doesn't get better.  I put lots of time in Far Cry 2, but Far Cry 3 is a much better experience.

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Lol you should have just went for FC3. It has nothing to due with FC2

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Lol you should have just went for FC3. It has nothing to due with FC2


i got bored of far cry 2 and far cry 3 is such an amazing game.

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No, it doesn't get better unfortunately. But you don't have to play Far Cry 2 to gain addition satifaction out of FC3. Far Cry 3 is totally different and not even in the same universe as FC2. FC3 is an absolutely phenomenal achievement in gaming though, so please put your controller and get rid of FC2 and move on. 

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I loved FC2 but it isn't for everyone. You have to just take your time with it and really get sucked into the world. It's not the game to play if you want to rush through it to get to the next game. Just play FC3. There's no need to play 2 first if you don't want to.
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FC2 is boring and it won't get better trust me.

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You don't need to play FarCry 2 to play the third one ^^