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Is it worth buying an external SSD for the XBox One or should I just get an SATA drive ?


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I think you should get an external RAID where you can have like two 6TB drives combined as 12TB. This gives you extra storage and performance. At least that's what I would do. Of course, if one of them died, your data is lost, but, the chance of one of them died is very low anyway. It is not like you are running a server 24/7.

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Yeah I actually did a lil research and decided to go with a regular 7200rpm external. The difference in speed isnt that noticeable and the the SSD isnt really available in sizes larger than 2TB

Also, I dont really think I will really need that much storage, I'm thinking 4TB tops.

Gonna go with something like this:


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@oflow: I bought this Amazon 1TB 7200 HD