EA Sports: Just update my roster!

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With next- gen consoles upon us, is there really a need for a new EA sports title after this new line of sports releases? I would argue not. The idea that a company would stop releasing a product that people are buying may sound oxy-moronic however; I think we are at that cross road. If nothing else maybe we can push out titles to be released every two years instead of every year. I will admit as a fan of the NHL and EA Sports NHL franchise, I am prone to buying the brand new series….EVERY YEAR! I cannot figure out why. The stark realization is that they have polished the graphics a little, taken away my easy wrap around goal, and updated the rosters. To all you Madden players out there … fill in wrap around goal with an almost guaranteed post route reception. I think I have the almighty compromise….. DLC. Just in case…. Downloadable Content. If EA Sports released a DLC patch for their new titles to include an updated roster, new game tuning (reference wrap around goal/ post route guarantee), and some new features, I would be a happy camper. (Jim Gaffigan would say that combination of words is the ultimate oxymoron). Price that DLC at near $19.99 and again I’m elated. It is win/ win. EA can make changes to the layouts of menus, new game types, and color schemes. The FIFA titles seem to have lost their minds with the new opening menu screens. For being the #1 selling sports based franchise in the world, starting a friendly game in FIFA is like learning how to use a Nintendo Gamecube controller. EA no longer has to package and distribute all those discs, cases, manuals (all be it two pages now a day). In this growingly “green” economy, I feel that this is the natural choice. This plan of action also provides friends to play against one another for a longer period of time. We all have that one friend who goes out and buys the new yearly release and we can no longer battle to the death over Xbox Live. I for one do not believe that EA is breaking each game franchise down to its bones to build a new installment. I also do not believe it is necessary. However there is still a revenue stream for EA. I kind of feel like it is getting a little Liam Neesony in the sell you the same game 5 different ways kind of way….. Reference, well, Neeson’s career.(please don’t murder me Liam….. can I call you liam? Mr. Neeson it is!)