E3 Halo 5 info proves old rumors valid?

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I'm not sure if many of you read, or at least remember, this large chuck of "leaked" information regarding Halo 5 back in August of last year:


As it now appears from E3, just as the rumors indicated, the smaller scale PVP will indeed be called "Arena" and it seems to be returning more to Halo's "roots" with no loadouts, armor abilities, etc.

Do you feel this gives credibility to the rest of the rumors?

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those rumors where made up based on what fans wanted ... and 343 is also doing what fans wanted ... so .. yeah .

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You seem surprised TC....

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@BattleSpectre said:

You seem surprised TC....

Well yes, I am surprised. A bunch of rumors posted 2+ years before a game is scheduled to launch is generally not the most reliable source of info.

I'm not complaining, those rumors sound awesome. I'm really more just jazzed.

Unless there was some confirmation that these rumors were in fact from a reliable source.

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i cant wait! many more hours will be wasted

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I hope that Halo 5 revives the Halo series.