Dust: the furry's tale.

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Anyone else think this is the best Furry game to-date? The game is very pretty, fluid, good story, and very enjoyable gameplay.

If only they have more bigger bear type in there. Didn't realize why people like it on the XBL chart, but, after playing it, I say it is very awesome. Would be nice to see more games like this if not a sequel.

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Everyone needs a bit of furry in their life.

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The combat is very nice!

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It is a very beautiful game. Was very surprised when started playing it. Thought i would play it for 5mins to see what it was like.... An hour later i was still there :P

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great game

20 hour of gameplay

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The game is pretty and there's lots of hidden content, the combat is nice but simple, but the characters and voice acting are terrible.

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Wuuut. I really liked their voice acting. Hack, it has voice acting!!!!! I like the that mushroom kid's voice acting, super cuuuuuute.

I just finished it on normal and really liked the skill progression. It gives slight challenge if under powered, but, soon, my character is so powerful, I was like harharhar die.

I cannot believe I didn't pay for this game. I feel bad that I waited it for free. This game deserves much more.