Does xbox live accept debit card?

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I'm trying to go online but it won't accept my acount number

It is a visa debit card , but no use

Any help appreciated


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Do you mean a pre-paid credit card?

If not, Xbox does not accept debit.
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To be honest, I'M not sure

I Live in the uk and I have recently opened an account which is a(current account) and it is a visa debit card, but I wanted to I keep entering my account number but wouldn't accept it.

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Can somebody tell me what I need to do, this is getting annoying.
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IMO, don't attach a debit card with your account if it's possible to do so... I think it's risky. People already have loads of problems with their credit cards linked to their account so if it's your debit card... even worse!
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Can somebody tell me what I need to do, this is getting annoying.SolidSnake2020


I use my visa debit card and it works good for me, at first I was having problems too but it was because I skipped a question when filling out my information so make sure all your information is correct and you didnt skip past anything and you're all good to go. And also check your credit card statement each month because I heard in some cases they'll keep charging you 

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I believe you can... I used my visa debit card to activate my account.  Give MS a call and they can tell  you why exactly its not accepting your card.
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It should if the debit card has a Visa logo.
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Not as far as I know.  I am pretty sure it has to be a Visa or Mastercard.
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yes you can i use a debit card with mine bc i dont want a credit card.l
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it doesnt accept my visa electron debit card
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Debit Cards with the Visa logo should be accepted as long as it is not an International Bank. Again, should. I used mine from start, but then MS did some policy changes and now the bank from Puerto Rico is considered International, even though PR is part of USA, and no longer acceptable. This also happend to a friend who actually has a Visa, not Debit, and it's no good since it's from a Puerto Rico bank. So, as long as it's from a Bank in the 50 states, you should be good.
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i just stick to using pre paid cards
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Yes, one can use a Visa debit card for his Xbox Live account.