Does the 360 come with av cables?

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#1 Posted by FFVIIROCKS (1176 posts) -
I noticed on someones xbox they had that adapter which plugs into the hdmi port and has av wires coming out of it for Standard tv's. Does that come with the xbox?
#2 Posted by mfp16 (4551 posts) -

of course dude... the game companies havn't got that ridiculous to not bundle cables to hook the thing up with.

but thanks for putting this out there and giving them the idea :)

#3 Posted by tony_fjellborg (1123 posts) -
You get component cables both for standard tv's and high defenition tv's with any xbox 360 you buy, but with the elite you get a hdmi cable as well
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I'll sell you a cable for 29.95. What kinda cable? any kind i got all kinds of cables you aint even heard of.