does anyone remember this one specific gaming moment?

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In GTA IV (i know, many hated it, but i have so much love for it.,) when you'd be driving through Times Square and then flashing lights by Kanye West comes on while you're driving through all the beautiful colors and lights. It was truly one of the most perfect mixes of gameplay and sound in history. it gave me goosebumps.

wondered if anyone else experienced this. or i'm just crazy :p

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Reminds me, of the part in Red Dead Redemption, where you enter Mexico, that was great.

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yea, gta 5 doesnt have many great songs, I love the west coast classics station, but thats pretty much it.

flashing.... lighttttsss

I think I like gta 4 a little bit more.

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Yes and its things like that which GTA5 was missing!