Do you think that we'll ever get GTA V for Next-Gen?

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It would have been nice if this game was available for Xbox One/PS4. Nothing wrong with it for current-gen but the game looks too good not to have for next-gen consoles. But at least we can look forward to Watch Dogs in a couple months unless it gets delayed again.

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I believe RockStar already said that there isn't going to be one for next gen consoles.

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I know but one can only hope. But I did hear that they are working on another open world game. I've seen alot of people hoping that it's a Red Dead Redemption sequel.

@tiimethief said:

I believe RockStar already said that there isn't going to be one for last gen consoles.

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It's absolutely coming for next gen. Not immediately after launch, but we'll see an "HD remake" of some sort.

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i want GTA 6 on ps4 and xbox1 no ports

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I understand some of you may want to experience the game in all it's glory on the next-gen systems but I personally don't mind either way. I've finished and played GTA V enough to move on from it. If it came out on next-gen consoles I'd probably pick it up so it's in my collection and maybe play it again on a rainy day.

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It will come along as well as a PC version next year. Doubt they would pass the chance to make more money.

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I hope it comes out on the PS4 and Xbox One.