Do the Xbox One games require a update?

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Im in the army, so I can`t connect my games to the internet in order to allow huge downloads at the moment. I read that Forza 5 requires me to download 6 GB, so that game is out of the question. I already downloaded the day one update for my Xbox, so thats fine, but what about the games? Can I just install and play?

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yeah im not sure... I mean I bought bf4 physical copy and and tried to install it. I assumed it would install from the disc but it took soooooooo long to install I dont know how much its taking from the disc and how much its downloading from the net.

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I doubt any game this gen is just plug in and play. I'm assuming they will need some sort of update in order to play.

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Yeah a few monthes back Microsoft had stated you need a online connection for updates each day (like you need to be online once per day, not 24 hours a day). Then they decided to add a offline updater, but that was scraped last week. So I think now you have to call them up to update.

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If I'm not mistaken the updates are only required to play the game on Xbox Live, which you probably aren't worried about right now. I'm going to assume you are in Afghanistan, since almost every other place you would be while in the Army has internet available. If you are in Afghanistan you have several options if you really want to get on the internet to download title updates:

  1. If you are at a larger FOB or base and you have Sniper Hill (or one of the similar providers) and a laptop you can download a VPN to your computer. After you download the VPN you can use your laptop as a bridge to bypass any IP software that may block you from getting on Live and at the same time trick the Xbox into thinking you are in the US just in case Xbox One games won't update if it detects you aren't in one of the countries it was released in. If the IP blocks the VPN site directly (several of them do) go to CNET and download if from there.
  2. If Sniper Hill isn't an option get an Android cell phone that you can use to tether and an Afghan sim card with internet access. I used to use AWCC when I was there a few months ago but back then they offered unlimited data and it seems like they don't anymore. Once again you may need to download a VPN if you are blocked from downloading updates on Afghan internet. I didn't need a VPN to download 360 updates when I was there but I don't know if the One is more restrictive. If this works expect to take forever if you don't have 3G since EDGE speeds are around three to four times the speed of dial-up. The way Afghan internet works is when you hit your data limit it shuts off and you have to buy another card; you can't get overage charges like in the US.
  3. If you have a Gaems or a TV in the MWR you can hook it to take it over there and attempt to log on to the SPAWAR internet directly. The issue I see with it is SPAWAR requires you to log on with a username and password, and if the Xbox One is anything like the 360 you can't use IE to log on unless you are already logged on to Xbox Live. I updated games and system updates for my 3DS and Vita using SPAWAR since it was much faster than off my phone but that was because I could log on through the browser. If you can't log on through the browser you could try the bridge method with your laptop and see if that works.

All I can tell you is if any of the three suggestions I mentioned don't work you may have to just wait until you get back to update your games.

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u need a one time internet connection for the xbox one to function so without that update the xbox is just a brick.