DLC too gamer profiles?

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Ok lets say I have two gamer profiles called 'A' and 'B' on my xbox 360.If i download DLC off the Marketplace to Profile 'A' but i then recover Profile 'B' onto another Xbox will that still give me the DLC i downloaded onto profile A?

I say this because i know if you download something it will go to all profiles on the Xbox 360 but i'm not sure if the DLC can only be transfered from the gamer profile you downloaded it on.Hope that wasn't confusing.

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If its on your harddrive its yours
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I tought"B" still needs to pay for it and only can play the DLC offline.

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No it won't. It only works for profile A.

When you dl a DLC with A every profile on the hard-drive will get it. But only A can use it on someone elses hard-drive, if I'm not mistaken.:P

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The "license" of the game will be linked to your gamertag, so no you won't be able to get the game, it would be too easy to make duplicates if that were the case...
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Hereis how it works. Profile "A" can use the dlc anywhere and on any xbox360 as long as profile "A" is signed into xbox live. Profile "B" and any otherprofile in the world can also play that dlc but only on the original xbox360 that it was downloaded to. For example if I were to come over to your house and play my gamertag there, I could access the dlc with my profile as long as I'm on your xbox. Also If I went to your house and played on your xbox I could re-download any dlc that I have downloaded in the past but my dlc is only playable on your console if I am signed into xbox live. Sorry for so much text, but I wanted to make sure it was clear :P