Disk laser cleaner?

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Hey all

I was wandering if there are any disk reader cleaners for the xbox 360? Sort of like the ones you use to clean your VHS in the past when it would get fuzzy on screen. I ask as my 360 sometimes comes up with disk unreadable errors and this has just happened with Forza 2 which is a brand new game yesterday and is not scratched.


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if you have an older system, like 2006 or ealier you probally have a samsung drive(prolly ms28) which have an issue with reading discs properlly after awhile... i fixed mine by buying a replacement disc drive but if yours is still under warentee jsut send it back...

if its newer, then yea it could be dirt on the lens and in that case any half decent dvd len cleaner disc would work fine

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I don't thnk mine is under warentee now as I got it over a year ago so the only thing covered will be the 3 r.o.d. Its a 2006 console, its getting to 2 years oldish now I would say (perhaps 2 years exactly, I got it around Easter 2006) but the first one I got had 3 r.o.d. so had to be swapped.
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yea its preety much the same as mine... you probally have the same drive... if its out of warenty you can buy a replacement drive online for like 50 $ and you can use the same tools used for flashing drives to inject your original key into it and itll work perfect again
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Hmm, I am not sure if I will do that. It's something I don't think is allowed to be discussed here either (sorry to be a pain like that, but I don't want either of us to get moderated for something like this).

I may try the disk cleaning kit and see if that has any better impact although the disk drive is quite loud and tempremental (sometimes it won't open).

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yea man you have all the classic symptoms of the ms28 drive... there is lots of fixes if you look around...dont worry im not gonna discuss any of them here ;) ...but yea look around if your interested and have a bit of technical knowledge, the lens probally isnt dirty
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Cool, well thanks for the help anyway.

Sorry if I sounded like I was having a go by the way (I do this often, I say something that I think is a fair way of putting something and sound like a idiot afterwards when I think about it), I was just wanting to make sure there are no issues.