Disk cannot be read error message

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Hey everyone

I was wondering if anyone else had received this error message. In the middle of gameplay, my Xbox will begin to make funny noises. Then an error message will popup. It says "Disk cannot be read. It may need to be cleaned."

This usually occurs when I play NBA 2K8. And I have returned that game to the store and got a new copy three different times. So I'm sure the disk does not need to be cleaned.

I also played the game without my hard drive attached, and I still had the same problem. So it must be a console issue.

Anyway...if anyone has had this problem or knows anything about how to fix it, I'd appreciate a response to this thread.


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Send your 360 in for repairs, that should fix.
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Sounds like the disc drive is shot. If it's still in warranty contact MS and let them know so they can send you a "casket". I had the same problem and it only took about two weeks to send it out and get it back. Not to mention they threw in a free month's subscription to Xbox Live gold for free.
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that happened to me once except it happened when the game starts up

you might want to send it in for repairs

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Yea I talked to an Xbox representative and my console is no longer under warranty, meaning it will cost $99 to repair. I was trying to avoid that if possible, but it looks like that may be my only option.

Thanks for the responses, everyone. If you all hear of anything else that might resolve this issue, feel free to respond to this topic.

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Actually if you have PC experiance you can purchase the DVD Drive off of eBay and install it yourself. Much cheaper
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I occassionally get a disc read error, but only had it regularly with one disc (NHL 2K6) which turned out to be a faulty disc.
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Actually if you have PC experiance you can purchase the DVD Drive off of eBay and install it yourself. Much cheaperXerrith

Very true. Not to mention it's not that hard at all to do. Just hope you don't get the RROD after doing it though.

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If you buy a replacement drive from anywhere makes sure you transfer the key from the original drives firmware!

I have had my DVD drive go (the disk would not turn at full speed or consistantly hence the read errors) and found a guy on ebay who sold me a replacement drive and blew the firmware so the keys matched.. obviously I had to send him my broken drive so he could read the key out of the firmware.

You will "brick" your xbox if the key inside the drive does not match what the xbox thinks it should be! Be warned!