Difference between Titanfall versions?

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I was wondering what the difference was between each of the versions of Titanfall. And should I get an Xbox One for the sole purpose of Titanfall or should I get the 360 version? Is there a major difference between the two?

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The major difference to me is that Microsoft is really pushing for everyone to get Titanfall for Xbox One. Just like they want everyone to throw away their 360 and move onto an Xbox and buying all their games new and digital, naturally of course. The 360 will have a weak supported and unpopulated community by the looks of it and that's is what helps define a good or bad MP IMO.

Couldn't tell you much about the game except for the obvious that Titanfall will have better graphics, visuals, and layouts on the Xbox One.

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Should you get an Xbox One for the sole purpose of Titanfall? No way, and anyone else that tells you otherwise is full of shit. Sure it'll be a fun game but you can still buy it on the 360 (not sure if you have a PC?) so it's not like you can't play it at all. I think the biggest difference will be support and the graphics, but I bet the community will be just as strong on the Xbox 360 because a lot of people haven't made the move over to The One yet.

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Game play wise, same. Xbox360 and Xbox1 probably play against each other also, same XBL and same controller anyway. Just if you want better graphics and seeing bad guys further away more clearly, X1 is the choice. Mainly just for graphics. Some people prefer to get the best experience out of the game, and X1 version will be it. PC is even better, but, the price is much higher and PC usually don't last you 5 years.