Diablo 3 Frame Rate on Xbox One?

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I've read about the Xbox one version of Diablo 3 having some small frame rate drops after increasing the resolution to 1080p. For anyone who has the game on XB1, are the drops noticeable when the action gets really intense?

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Im just through act1 playing co-op. I haven't noticed anything. I played around 50 hours on PC as well. PC does look better and maybe a bit smoother, but xb1 version is fine. Kinda fun to see it on my 60inch, though I still prefer Mouse and Keyboard for Diablo.

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Im note sure anyone can notice a frame drop from 60 to 55. I have it and I don't notice a thing. This is really getting silly now.

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I've played through the whole game a few times and experienced about three frame drops tops. Game runs very well at 1080p on the Xbox One.

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There are some dips for Xbone, but it's not major. This is essentially an older PCPS360 title so it makes sense.

Here you go:


Diablo 3 - the Digital Foundry verdict

With no rift in texture asset quality, shadow rendering, effects-work or its lighting model, it's clear Blizzard has no mandate to push either console out of the parity deadlock. Rather, it appears to be a point of continued attention, with the Xbox One receiving a 1080p resolution bump to bring it neck-and neck with PS4 in the image quality stakes. Outside of randomised item placements across each stage, these two games are now practically identical.

There are oddities here and there though. We spot spider-webs in the Skeleton King's crypts that seem dialled down in sharpness on Xbox One - but curiously, fineries elsewhere are unaffected.

However this stands at odds with the prolonged stretches of 50-60fps play possible on Xbox One. Given no issues were recorded during our earlier, pre-patch 900p tests, it's logical to assume this is a GPU-side strain, perhaps where alpha transparency effects are pushing Microsoft's console to these lurches.

In terms of frame-rate metrics, the Xbox One does show flickers of strain in meeting its recent 1080p upgrade - something never elicited by the PS4, which holds at 60fps in likewise tests. These drops, as infrequent as they are, make it harder to call the Xbox One release a purely locked 60fps experience in pragmatic terms, but it's clearly a solid performer. So much so, that it begs the question: could the PS4 release have been pushed any harder to take advantage of its own GPU headroom?