Diablo 3 Console/PC

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I have read a lot of articles and rants here and there over the internet. I got to say it just shows the community and the interest in a game still talked about 2 years after its initial release on PC back in 2012.

Diablo 3 Pc release 2012

I purchased Diablo 3 day one of it's release. I was so excited to play it since I had been keeping up with the 'talk of the day' ever since it was first spoken about over 10 years ago. I loved it, I was excited as any fan boy would be to play another in a loved franchise.

After a few months to half a year I started to become a little dissatisfied with the end game result. I think I can speak for everyone out there that it was nothing special, just another "PAY TO WIN" title. Which is partly a fair and unfair statement at best. The game was made for old and new players. Blizzard are a business just like any other, they need to make money. That said, there must always be that spark of post game interest (especially for the hardcore fanbase). This turned out to be not the case, as even the hardcore fanbase were the proprietors of the downfall of this title. Saddening to say the least.

Diablo 3 Xbox 360 console edition Gameplay

After a year or so, I heard about a console version in production. I was excited but also concerned that I just spent my money on a PC version loved but hated by many who bought into it. Only to find myself purchasing yet again for the Xbox 360.

I mainly bought the console port to play on the couch with my pals while we sipped bear and flung bits of food on plates in the air from shear excitement of every elite, boss pack we found outselves struggling against.

For the most part, we enjoyed our time with Diablo 3 on the console. After a few months again, it grew a tad stale as the multiplayer community started dwindling yet again and found ourselves running around wondering what to do next.

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Expansion for PC

Enter Reaper of Souls announcement... Boy was I excited to hear about a new crusader class, adventure mode and a complete overhaul of the loot system. When I heard about this I immediately jumped back on the PC version to see what changes were made and was surprised that the new system was in place.

Post patch 2.0.1 with new modes
Difficulty levels changed instead of replaying entire story
Most importantly... Clan Building!

Ive got to say, its a blast from the past. (I know corny as hell...) but you'll understand why I say the past.

This game now reminds me of my youth with Diablo 2 and when Lord of Destruction first hit the shelves in game stores all over the world. I dont think I need to say just how much I enjoyed that game to compare it to Reaper of Souls. But I will definitely say that the new Diablo 3 as a whole on the PC is just what everyone was expection day 1 launch back in 2012.

Now I'm sitting here wondering, which version do I prefer...

I have a casual version of the game for when my friends come over and want nothing better to do than eat, drink and slaughter monsters and who am I to deny them?

Or, I have what I would consider a much more updated and hardcore version of Diablo 3. Even without the expansion alone, the game is incredible. I love every change Blizzard have made, and I am so glad that the RMAH (Real Money Auction House) was removed entirely from the game before the release of Reaper of Souls on PC.

What now concerns me about these two version is, I consider the PC version far superior in every way compared to the Console version for a number of reasons.

Such as:

The new 2.0.1 loot system put in place for the launch of Reaper of Souls, far outweighs the loot system on the console version.

In spite of the new system being put in place for the release of the expansion, the entire game plays and feels completely different to console, and I'm not just saying control wise either. Difficulty levels have been changed and improved so as to stop replaying the entire story four times over to get to the max level.

I won't list every reason, we all know what they are, and you're welcome to add and critique on any of mine or eachothers opinions in the comments below.

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

As for now, I want to know whether these changes pre expansion will be patched to the console versions.

There is no reason it cannot be done, unless Blizzard are unfocused on the PS3/Xbox360 version as its been released and essentially done with. But considering that these two consoles may not EVER see a release of Reaper of Souls. Would it not at least be fair to update the game to the current version it's in on the PC pre expansion?

Who knows, maybe they might even have the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions available on launch when the PS4 and Xbox One versions release some time this year. It's all speculative as of now.

Please comment below and give your thoughts on this. I apologise in advance if this has been covered many times in the past. I haven't really found a discussion regarding the two versions without a rant on PC over console superiority breaks out.

Thanks and Happy Gaming

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Nice post man, I enjoyed reading all that and the in-game pictures are nicely done. I honestly don't know the answer to this question but I think they will focus more on the next-gen consoles. I don't see them putting the time and effort into the PS3/360 version when the community isn't even that big.

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Of course you make a great point about the current gen market. I am biting the bullet and purchasing a PS4 when a few more games come out. Just feels as though the games industry is cornering people off, having to pay a lot of money just even to play one game. Is unjustified.

Oh and thanks for the kind words about the post. I did spend a little too much time making it look I dont know, somewhat Professional. Thanks.

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i have the ps3 version i like diablo 3

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Local co-op is better no matter what Expansion the PC's got.