Deus EX vs Mass Effect 2?

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Very unexpectedly there has been a large amount of comparison between Deus ex and Mass effect 2. Now i dont know if its cause this is the first good rpg since or if its just that Mass effect 2 has become the standard to compare western rpg's to! Either way i want to know what my fellow gamers think, Does some of these fans have any bases to say Deus ex is better then M.E2 or is ME2 still one of the top dogs in western rpg's? I love Deus ex i thing what it does is great and i can see playing through multiple times but i don't think it can stand toe to toe with what the mass effect series has brought to the table from a stricked side by side comparison. So what are your thoughts?

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Wait.... how can you actually compare Deus Ex to Mass Effect? the only similarity I see between the two is the way the dialog is handled.
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No the conversation michanic isn't in the least bit the same, but its not really somthing i thought up as i was playing, i check a lot of forums and there has been a lot of talk about the two so i figured i would find out what the community thought since its already been talking about a lot

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I haven't played Dues EX so my opinion on that game doesn't exist. However, Mass Effect 2 is my all-time favorite 360 game.

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Mass Effect 2 combat is ass, Deus Ex's feels great.

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Human Revolution is more similar to the first Mass Effect in terms of story and gameplay. Both had an epic story but suffered from a wonky cover system and shooting mechanics. Personally i'd have to give the edge to Deus Ex. I love the ME series, but besides choosing the order you want to complete missions and the different endings, the game is a linear shooter.

Deus Ex lets you choose how you want to play the game. For example(for people who haven't played it yet), you might have to crawl through a vent, or hack a panel to get through a door, break through a cracked wall to get to the other side, jump 9ft over a fence or get to the roof of a building to access a different route, or go in guns blazing. There are also ways you can bypass those things if you didn't get the augmentations. Using a frag mine to blow open those cracked walls if you don't have the arm augmentation, or stacking some boxes and trash bins to reach new area. Also heard you can use the shotgun to open doors that need to be hacked, but haven't tried it yet. It all depends on what your play style is and what you've augmented.

Haven't finished the game yet but the story has really drawn me in so far. I though the way they handled the growing conflict between the "augs" and "pure-breeds" was well done. And just like ME, there's also a great cast of characters.

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I would go with Deus Ex since you have more control of the gameplay but I would wait until you were able to compare the two.
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I haven't played Dues EX so my opinion on that game doesn't exist. However, Mass Effect 2 is my all-time favorite 360 game.

Same, except Condemned and COD2 is my all time favourite to ^_^
#9 Posted by texasinjuly (19 posts) - it's kinda ironic that most of the dudes on BioWare forums are giving assumptions and believes that Deus Ex: HR is the better RPG than both ME 1 & 2 however, Deus Ex (2000) > ME & DX:HR
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I remembered Deus Ex Invisible War was a great game for me when i was a little nipper.

Havent played DX HR but it doesnt look lots like ME/ME2. That said, not many games better than the ME series. I love Bioware...

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For a start, i did'nt like ME1 but i like the Deus Ex series.

ME 2 & Deus Ex HR, finished & replayed both games, i like them. Looking forward to ME 3.

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And let the war begin.. ME > ME 2
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Deus Ex is a great game, but it doesn't come close to ME2 as a total package. You can argue that Deus Ex's gameplay is just as good, but most of the other elements of the game are inferior to ME2 including story, visuals, and characters.
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***Minor Spoilers in Second Paragraph!***

I did not expect to enjoy Deus Ex, I didn't even plan to buy it. But I did and I have been very pleasantly surprised by how good of a game it is. Comparing to ME though is pointless because they aren't the same games. I enjoy Deus Ex more because the conversations are more meaningful and engaging and the combat is way better in DE; the shooting mechanics in ME are not very good.

My favorite thing about DE however, is the way your character levels up. It is very non-traditional. The abilities and techniques that are able to be unlocked are not 'powers' or 'spells' so to speak. Sure the character utilizes a battery system to utilize the majority of his implants that functions like a mana or energy bar, but for the most part what you are unlocking will be techniques that allow you to manipulate the environment more effectively. The x-ray vision and the hacking upgrades are the best examples of this because while they do not directly impact the game and are not necessary to have, they greatly increase the range of actions your character can take and influence how you can approach any situation. Every upgrade in the game is useful in some fashion depending on how you approach the game, and that's rare. I have not finished the game yet, but this if my favorite thing about it so far. ME's level up system is pretty bad comparatively.

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[QUOTE="Warablo13"]And let the war begin.. ME > ME 2

I 100% agree with this. Except for the awful vehicle sequences, ME is superior to its sequel.
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[QUOTE="Warablo13"]And let the war begin.. ME > ME 2

QFT. as a former fan of BioWare RPGs, ME2 was a letdown to be honest, especially in terms of story, and I fear Mass Effect 3 will go the same way, especially if BioWare is focusing so much on shooter audiences.
Deus Ex is a great game, but it doesn't come close to ME2 as a total package. You can argue that Deus Ex's gameplay is just as good, but most of the other elements of the game are inferior to ME2 including story, visuals, and characters.KeredsBlaze
I thought ME2's story sucked, and too predictable. half of the game was spent by recruiting your team members and loyalty missions the best thing from ME series are in the presentations, not the story, this is what BioWare good at: the way they told you a story in terms of characters, voice actings, presentations, animations, ME is a lot better. personally, i liked Deus Ex:HR's main-storyline more, it's a lot more unique, dark, philosophic, less-cliche "saving humanity from threats and remembered as a hero", IMO, the problem is that the story does not appeal to casual audience who loves "happily ever after" ending more and what i liked from Deus Ex:HR is it brings back the classic-style of western-RPG which gives you the diversity of choices.
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Both games are really good, but ME2 is the better of the two. I thoroughly enjoyed my first play through of Deus Ex HR, and will play back through it again at some point soon. It really is a great game, almost perfect. That being said there was no where near the addiction, the need to play back through it a second time, and then again, and then again like ME2 had. ME2 is video gaming crack. Not everybody is going to feel that way of course, but I sure do.

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I also felt like Deus Ex had a few more minor annoyances than ME2 had. The only problem with ME2 was planet scanning, as for Deus Ex, the load screens are horrendous, and Jensen's VA is pretty bad---but as far as gameplay goes, Deus Ex was almost flawless
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The only real difference, is Deus Ex has a lot more freedom in every aspect. They both have terrific sci-fi stories, and they are both must play games. End of story :P

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Deus Ex was what I wanted from ME and ME2.

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is there a reason why we have to compare these two? They are both great games, and have their strengths, but it is hard for me to believe that Deus Ex:HR is better than ME2
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compared to the first Mass Effect, ME 2 was a letdown. no offense but it feels like another casual-shooter with some little RPG elements, they dumbed it down so much in terms of storyline, customizations & complexity... ME 1 to me was a masterpiece.

and Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a very deep hybrid RPG that is essentially a product of the same late-90s/early-00s western-RPG philosophy... My biggest complaints are the boss fights & stiff animations.

IMO, Deus Ex: Human Revolutions appeals to fans of the original Deus Ex or fans of classic pc games like Thief, Half-Life, not fans of modern style shooters or Mass Effect 2 style RPGs.

And I like it. Not as great as the original, but DX:HR is a worthy successor.