Destiny's multiplayer

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Does anyone know how the multiplayer PVP will work concerning the level differences? As in Halo, Titanfall, etc, everybody had the same guns, armor, shield, etc to choose from, and game was won by skill and some luck. I see Destiny playing out unfairly, as a group of level 15 players would destroy level 1, 2, 3 players since they would have armor ratings way too high for low levels to even damage them at all and the difference in gun power, etc. Hopefully the PvP playes out like Halo, etc.

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It seems like leveling happens pretty quickly, so you can just spend some time in SP/co-op and level up/get new gear. But obviously some players will always have an advantage over others. It's the nature of games like this. It can be overcome if you're better at scoring head shots and/or catching them off guard.

Oh and I'm sure there's a matchmaking system like in Halo that tries to match you with people with similar ability. I didn't play the beta so I'm just speculating. If you're not into that, I heard there's a PVP mode where everyone is on equal playing field (I could be wrong about that).

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because Destiny is different from Halo and Titanfall . its an RPG game and in RPGs , your level matters and in PvP players don't have an equal start .

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Unless you are playing iron banner, it shouldn't matter.

Basically, that level on the armor and guns only plays a role if you are playing in iron banner. In other normal game modes the weapons and everything else is balanced like a normal game.

I actually saw a lot people playing destiny with that first full auto rifle even after they reached level 8 and had a bunch of other weapons to choose from.

All you guys above, visit the bungie forums for some more info. All that level on the guns etc will matter if you are in co-op mode or playing iron banner ONLY.

Like I said, normal game modes are balanced like any other game.

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@sf_493rs: When playing PvP, the Crucible, level doesn't matter. The only thing that really makes a difference are what weapons you bring to battle. You can bring any weapons you find and equip them whenever. Some rifle are burst fire, some are full auto, and some are single shot. You can carry a primary, secondary, and heavy (LMG or Rocket Launcher). Also you have your super based on your class. Those are the differences that matter a little. Everyone has the same amount of health and defense.

Now when playing the game mode Iron Banner in the crucible stats matter. That's where you really want to bring your best gear as all of your bonuses matter. Also in the Iron Banner you can earn points (i forgot what they're actually called) and purchase legendary and exotic armor and weapons that you can only get in that game mode. You can earn gear in other modes as well.

All in all if you want to play a mostly balanced game you can play anything besides Iron Banner. I've played the beta and i have to say it's a lot of fun to play. I hope this helps you.

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@dragonslayerssj: @dhmatt90 Thanks for the helpful info. You both have made me want Destiny even more, as in the PvP will be an even playing field except for that one game type. Thanks again!!

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Does anyone know if Destiny has a Single Player mode.

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@sukraj: There is a Campaign that you can do by yourself. There will be others in your world while you are doing the missions but, you do not have to help them nor do they have to help you. This game is basically online only so a totally separate offline campaign is not there. Hope that helps you.

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@dragonslayerssj: Not if you aren't connected tho.

I mean, there won't be anyone else if you aren't connected, of course.

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@dhmatt90: well that's the thing. I'm not sure you can play if you aren't connected. I'm pretty sure you have to have an internet connection.

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@dragonslayerssj said:

@dhmatt90: well that's the thing. I'm not sure you can play if you aren't connected. I'm pretty sure you have to have an internet connection.

I am actually not sure about this too....

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@dhmatt90: @dhmatt90: i heard the game can't be played offline . you have to be connected even if you want to play all alone . however , you don't need gold membership if you want to play alone , you can see other players but you can't go into missions with them or play PvP and you have to buy gold to do these things ( phil spencer said these stuff )