Destiny Beta Details?

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What's up everyone? I'm really curious about Destiny and how it plays. I'll be honest, I'm a big PC gamer and have been on the fence with my Xbox One. I haven't really found any information that goes into detail about the structure of the game. I've played tons of MMORPGs, Halo, and Borderlands. Destiny honestly looks like a combination of the 3. That's why it intrigues me but is it truly a open-world?

If you also have a spare beta code, I'd greatly appreciate it. :)

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I enjoyed the little I got to play this afternoon. I'll be on tonight no doubt. It doesn't feel like Halo as I read a few detractors say. It has its own feel, I am still early in but I am digging it so far.

PWXGX-CC2J9-94DMV-2TMFT-9WWDZ there, hope it works.

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Loving it! it takes the concept of bordlerands and does every borderlands should of done, into this massive online community!

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Thanks. I'll try the code.

Edit: It worked, Thanks again @cainetao11.

@mesomorphin: Question. You said massive. Is that in reference to how the game easily connects people? I heard it's not massive like a MMORPG or even Planetside 2 in terms of landscape or the amount of square miles available.