Dead Rising 3: Laughing through the Apocalypse

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#1 Posted by GuitarSmash (208 posts) -

WOW! Who else watched the video on gamespot and what do you guys think of it?

It looked amazing, but i also feel it showed too much, but it is definitely going to be the most replayable and fun exclusive for the Xbox One on launch. Also, finally the people who were complaining for the game having no humor can finally put their negative feedback to rest.

The customization looks vast and varied. But there are a couple of questions i still have left.

1. How does activating missions (or cutscenes) function in coop? Do you have to be close together like in Dead Island or can you be on the other side of the map to activate the mission?

2. I also was interested how they worked the motion capture into the gameplay as well and i wanted to learn more.

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That's why I'm not watching anymore videos because I want the game to feel fresh.