COD: Black Ops- Ascension Dolls

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Hey everyone, i was just playing the new zombies map, ascension, alone on COD Black Ops, and I found on a table, around two doors into the map, a small hitler doll on a desk, and it looked like one of the russian dolls that you take the top off and then theres a smaller one inside and so on. And everytime you press X on him he says "HAHAHA! YOUR TICKLING ME!" in a very high pitched voice. Now i was richtofen and of course the lines were strange for him such as "my mother never used to let me play with dolls, now they are MINE!" and "I use to hold lotions for my dogs in these things" and so on. But i was wondering if anyone else found any other of these, and if so or not if they can say who there character was and what was there reply and what the doll said. Thank You.

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In case u were wondering, i found the hitler doll by going through the door on the second level, then the one thats farther down the road after going through that first door, not the one right to the left, by down the road to the right. Then go into the three storied building and to the right, under the stairs, is a desk with hitler on the very right of it.

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There are 4 dolls each representing the 4 characters in zombies. Not sure what they do yet though besides talk to you, I've found them all.
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ok i found these too i spent a hour. nothing happens but anyways.. theres a stuffed teddy bear with a sickle in the first room. on the highest room u can find is the second one when you hold x on these little guys it makes a noise and im wondering if anyone found the third one. so lemme know what happens when u get the third one.. thanks zombies black ops first strike teddy bear sickle sycle cicle keywords
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There is one to the left of the Pbd on the shelf about the middle, there is one on top of the computer to the left of the speed, there is one in the building with the missile launch switch at ground level on a desk and the last one is to the left of the claymore on a burning barrel. There are also several bears you can activate a song, the first in in the starting room at the end of the walkway, another is on top of the wall by the speed cola lunar lander and the third is by a gate in the lunar lander area by a claymore.
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i found the one next to the pbd that u were talking about, and that's tojo

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the 4 dolls don't do anything but the bears do they play music well the first one is at the place where you start upstairs to the right on a few barrels the second one is near the lander at speed cola on a wall and the last one is behind the a fence at the claymores. Your welcome

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Oh ya the dolls euhmm one is at the flopper one is next to speed cola one is on a barrel next to the claymores and the last one is on a table near the stake-out shotgun