Clan Recruitment for SpecOps TaskForce (SOTF)

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SpecOps TaskForce (SOTF) is looking to add members so we can compete in clan wars adequately. We currently only have 3 members. We are by far the hardcore gamers, but we do like good competition now and then. Our goal as a clan is to reach max level and unlock camos, headgear, uniforms, and patches. We currently are at clan level 11 and have played in the platinum division during clan wars. All we ask is that your KD and W/L ratio be at, near, or above a 1.0. Also, you must be willing to play objective based game types. My gamer tag is D4RK P4SS3NGER KD = 2.23 W/L = 1.0 I am 8th prestige almost 9th.

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what game are you talking about?

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@doubalfa: Call of Duty Ghosts