Changing controller from player 1 to player 2?

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#1 Posted by NickTheMayor (301 posts) -
If there a way to make your controller go from 1st player to 2nd player or vice versa when your 360 is turned on? It's really pissing me off that I don't know this.
#2 Posted by elmafia (1490 posts) -

you only get a player 2 controller if you have two controls.

#3 Posted by NickTheMayor (301 posts) -
Yeah I get that, but even when you have two controllers on, how do you swap positions on the controllers?
#4 Posted by elmafia (1490 posts) -
there isnt a button or anything but you can turn of the controllers and the one you turn on first turns to number 1. not sure if this works if you are playing a game or if ure signed in.
#5 Posted by NickTheMayor (301 posts) -

OK here's an example situation:

I was playing Fight Night R3 against someone on XBL. In the middle of the fight, my wireless controller lost battery, died and it disconnected. So I powered up my other controller that I had since it said "reconnect controller" on screen. But when I turned on my other controller, it went to player 2 instead of 1, and it still said "reconnect controller" on screen.

How was I able to reconfigure the controller to go to player 1 instead of 2?

#6 Posted by ISuperGamerI (3292 posts) -
Why do you not either switch the batteries from Controller 2 to Controller 1 or use the USB Plug in & Play cable?
#7 Posted by avengefulreign (2250 posts) -
each controller puts off a different frequency code(like remote control cars) and it is trying to find the original controllers code...why didn't you just switch the batteries between them?
#8 Posted by MisterTwo1991 (53 posts) -
All you have to do is swap the battery pack from the 2nd controller to your first and power the one you were using back on. You can swap the batteries and battery packs, but make sure you use the same controller. Signing out of profiles before swapping them around works also.
#9 Posted by nascar1 (2763 posts) -
yeah you have to switch the battery pack or re-start the system :?
an assignable controller option (like on the ps3) would be nice...not a big deal though.
#10 Posted by NickTheMayor (301 posts) -

That was just an example. The main question really is:

Is there a way to change controller frequencies to make them player 2 or 3 or 4 at anytime without restarting the system? I figure if PS3 can, then 360 can.

#11 Posted by redmagic123 (396 posts) -
I don't think I have had that problem, I just turn on another controller if one of mine dies and it takes the spot of the original you just have to make sure its off ie turn it back on (if possible) then hold down the guide button to turn off controller then turn on the new one. I always do that and it always works for me.
#12 Posted by grafkhun (12827 posts) -
i guess you can just turn the controller off, and then reassign them one at a time. sorry i really dont know.
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My xbox does somthing strange that sort of maps this. While I'm playing a game the lights on the console will light up, one at a time, and go in a clockwise circle and then stop on the 2nd player light. Even though I'm playing with the first player port.

Is it haunted??

#14 Posted by redmagic123 (396 posts) -
perhaps your level in the system is messed up and it thinks lying down when its standing up or vise versa