Can't send a friend request to my friend!

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#1 Posted by Justinge3 (2506 posts) -
I recently got xbox live and I've been trying to send him a friend request, but when I do, it says that this gamertag doesn't exhist!
#2 Posted by Cwagmire21 (5883 posts) -
Make sure you're putting it in right. If you are, XBL can betemperamentalat times - give it a few hours/days.
#3 Posted by Palantas (15321 posts) -
Watch out for funny junk in his Gamertag, like a zero where an "o" should be.
#4 Posted by Strife88 (6073 posts) -
If one of your other friends have him on their list add him through his gamercard that way by viewing their friends.
#5 Posted by Avenger1324 (16344 posts) -

If it's someone you actually know in person, ask them to add you.

You can also send FRs through which can also be used for checking the gamertag is correct, and is much easier with a keyboard than thumbsticks on a virtual keyboard