Can't play original XBOX games.

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#1 Posted by markcaniga (244 posts) -

So I borrowed some games from my friend including NBA Ballers. It's an original xbox game.

I tried to play it but a message says that my Xbox is not compatible. I know I need to have a Hard Drive but I already have one. I bought my Xbox last black friday its Arcade bundle and it came with a refurbished 20gb HD and a controller.

Anyone knows why I have the problem and how can I fix it?

#2 Posted by jomachasandberg (174 posts) -

i think that only around 75 percent of original xbox games work on the 360. there is a dandy list of the compatible xbox game on

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have you installed the update?
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Not all games are compatibale. Only some.

Assuming the game is compatable, you will first need to update your X360. This can be done by downloading the updated compatability patch from on your PC, burning to a disc, and running it in your X360. You could probably get the update via LIVE as well. I havent played any old games since I got LIVE so I dont know about installing it direct. More than likely, and would happen automatically I presume.

If the game is not on the list of compatable games, your out of luck mate, theres nothing you can do.